Update To Homestead Chronicles

Today marks one year since we moved from Florida to Idaho. It has been a CRAZY year. We bought a property, sold that property, bought another property, are almost ready to move onto the new property. This Friday, the power company is hooking us up to the grid and, honestly, we can move on anytime after that. We are struggling a little with the water pressure on our new property but that is not a show stopper. We are more than eager to move this tiny cabin onto that lakeside property. Summer is not waiting on us, either!!


With the changes that we have gone through, we are rebranding Homestead Chronicles. We will continue to live somewhat off grid – off grid water, wood for heat, and propane for cooking and showering. We will also continue to grow our skills to become more self-sufficient – gardening, rain catchment, milling wood. But the last year is a reminder to us that we came here to live a full life. And that’s why we are changing Homestead Chronicles to Northwest Living.


Northwest Living will continue to share our journey to build a beautiful home but it will go beyond to share other kinds of adventures, too. We hope you will continue to follow us. Honestly, our hope is that Northwest Living will urge you to spend time in the Northwest. It is an energizing and inspiring place.




Erick and Christine

One thought on “Update To Homestead Chronicles

  1. Awesomeness. The only constant in life is change. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Rock on guys! You’ll get that water system dialed in and have lots of fresh water available soon.

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