In 2016, looking for a simpler life, we made a drastic change by selling all of our stuff, leaving a big city behind, and choosing to live tiny. We settled outside Sandpoint, Idaho and have come to call this beautiful part of the country our playground. We are Northwest Living! 


Living tiny has totally changed our mindset. We have taken a curiosity toward minimalism and are on a journey in that direction. We never anticipated that living tiny would become a gift as it has! We feel less pressure than we did in our previous city life and have found more time to live life to its fullest and what a perfect place to do so. We love living in the Northwest!


We were lucky enough to purchase a little more than an acre, which compliments our shift toward minimalism and simple living. Most people would never have taken on this crazy property that we now call home. It is on an extreme slope and we have a ton of work ahead of us. However, the opportunity to live at the lake is a dream for most. At the end of the day, the panoramic views of Schweitzer Moutain and other nearby mountains are our motivation to do something that is going to be hard but also do-able. We’re up for the challenge and we welcome you to join us from near or far as we build a lakeside home in the mountains and find time for fun and living life to the fullest, here in the Northwest. 


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